Food So good, you'll forget it's healthy.

Lifestyle Chefs Meal in-a-bun is a natural,vegan,diabetic friendly gourmet food available in 6 great flavors. Try one at home or on-the-go!

Convenient & Portable

Whether you are traveling, on a hike, or just rushing to work, you don't need to give up eating right. Take a delicious Meal-in-a-bun along!

Meal-in-a-bun is the only wholesome sandwich that you can eat with just one hand!

Packing a lunch for your kids just became easier too! With an array of delightful flavors to please even the fussiest eater, feeding your kids nutritious foods has never been this convenient.

Healthy & diabetic friendly

Lifestyle Chefs products are designed to be part of a weight management diet, low sodium diet, low carb diet and are even perfect for a diabetic diet! Meal-in-a-bun products are:

All Natural
Low Calories
Low Carbs.
Low Glycemic index
No Trans fat
Less Sodium
High Fiber
High Protein

Unique Flavors

We have traveled far and wide to get you some of the tastiest and most loved flavors from around the world. We use the ingredients to give you quality products that are unique, functional, and incredibly tasty.

Our delicious flavors include influences from Indian, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Creole and Mexican cuisines.

People Love LifeStyle chefs!

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